E-Book of the Week

The Summer Job – Margaret Cioffi

Siobhan Murphy is an average teenager looking for a perfect summer job. After a chance encounter with Natasha Romanoff, she is offered a job at Natasha’s office. She is on cloud nine. She has landed a peach of a job making enough money to have a great summer. What she doesn’t realize, until she actually starts work, is that Natasha runs an escort service.

Siobhan decides that running an escort service isn’t illegal; dodgy but not against the law. Besides, all she is required to do is type letters, book appointments, walk Natasha’s pair of Great Danes, and greet people whenever there is a client reception. Natasha asks Siobhan to befriend a couple of the escorts whom she suspects of indulging in a little hanky panky on the side; strictly against agency rules BTW. What Siobhan uncovers black- mail, fraud, and all around bad behaviour. It’s her best summer job

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