Divergent series- Veronica Roth

I’ve just finished the Divergent Series Complete Box Set
This set includes:
I’ve mentioned before that it’s a reread and that I went through it so fast the first time that I didn’t quite pay attention to what I liked so much about it. I think I figured it out this time.
The books focus on Tris, a girl whose life centres around the factions that her society is based on. Each faction concentrates on enhancing traits that would help society rid themselves of war. Tris starts off in Abnegation, the faction that values selflessness and on Choosing Day, she transfers to Dauntless, which values bravery.
Various plots come into play involving Abnegation and Erudite, who value knowledge and the wish to get rid of the factions. Tris ends up falling in love with her Dauntless instructor and when the uprising happens, risks everything, including sacrificing her family for what she believes in to the point of being self-destructive.
Eventually, plans from outside players force tris and her group to make even harder decision regarding their city and loved ones.
The books just grabbed my interest from the start. Honestly, for me, it boils down to stereotyping. Each group has their values, religions and policies and each individual is expected to follow and live up to these values and policies. A person can get kicked out of their faction for not doing so.
Tris is special in that, during her faction aptitude test, she shows promise for three factions. Most people only get one, so she’s what they call divergent, or able to thrive in a number of value systems. In this society it’s dangerous.
The most interesting part is that though she chose to become Dauntless, which are typically strong and brave people, she also allows herself to be hurt emotionally, grieve hard, and truly care about others. It’s said that she had to join Dauntless to really learn what selflessness is.
With everything that Tris did, all the regrets and mistakes she has and made, somehow you get emotionally invested in her and want to see her, and yourself, do better, be kinder, more selfless, braver. You get to thinking about what faction you would start in and which you would choose to be in.
Plus, It doesn’t hurt that ‘a tiny little girl’, like myself, can totally kick some ass šŸ™‚
Five out of five.

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