Monday Mourning – Kathy Reichs

Time for my newest read: Monday Mourning: A Novel (Temperance Brennan)
I finished this one yesterday and it’s one of my favourite series, both in print and on screen.
Regardless of how much I like this series, I am reading them completely out of order. Mostly because I wait for paperback and then find one on clearance in the meantime and its a nasty book reading cycle. I find that you can’t normally do this without a little bit of confusion with the story line, but it seems to work out well with these.
As for the actual book, I think it’s one of my more favourite ones. I tend to like the instalments that take place in Quebec. Some of the traits she talks about, like how locals deal with snow, is not just a Quebec trait. It happens out here in Alberta, too, so it’s pretty fun for me.
This book follows Temperance as she solves the mystery of three girls found in the basement of an old pizza parlour. They were all kidnapped, one from the States and two from Quebec. What’s even worse is that they were held hostage and tortured for years, which made identification difficult because their descriptions when they went missing didn’t match with what was found because of the age difference of when they died.
There were a couple really neat twists that I won’t share. This way you’ll have to go read it yourself šŸ™‚
Other story lines include a close friend who visits while having marital issues and her lover, Andy, who seems distant and she suspects he’s cheating. He’s not, but I don’t think I expected what the reason was, despite knowing the characters history. A cute side-note: Andy bought her a cockatiel and when he brings it to her house, the cat, Birdie, likes it so much he purrs.
Also, some references to a famous Canadian criminal case raised the interest bar a little bit.
4 out of 5.

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