Taking It All – Maya Banks

I had to jump ahead to another book because my library hold came through for Maya Banks’s Taking it All (The Surrender Trilogy, Book 3)
This series I started also because I liked another one she had written, though both sets have the same sort of dominance idea to them.
This particular book follows Chessy and Tate, who have been married five years and have a Dom/sub type relationship. It was made clear In the previous two books that this couple has marital issues stemming from Tate working too much and neglecting her. Things really hit the fan when Chessy waits at a restaurant for him for their anniversary dinner, gives up, and leaves to go home and finds him having drinks in the restaurant lounge with another woman. Later, they go to The House where couples can go to ‘play’. It was a way for them to get back on track as it was something they had done before. Things definitely do not go according to plan and Chessy ends up getting hurt because Tate steps away to take a business call.
It was a decent story but in all three, the major conflicts are primarily blamed on the men. There was even one paragraph in this one that states flat out that the three men were being dumbasses.
Granted, it happens, however things in real life are not always the guys fault. We women do our own share of screwing up.
Some things that I liked was how the female friends related to each other and even dropped a few swears now and then. To be honest, a few of the interactions that they had could have even happened in my group with the same wording so I found that aspect highly relatable.
3 out of 5 for this one.

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