Stars – Kathryn Harvey

I ended up staying up late last night to finish my latest read: Stars (The Butterfly Trilogy Book 2)
To start with, it’s the second in the Butterfly trilogy, the first being Butterfly
The best way to summarize book one is that it’s a sex filled female version of Penguin Classics Count Of Monte Cristo
That said, Stars is still revenge based but from a different perspective. the main character is switched from Beverly Highland to Philippa Roberts and the target becomes these two successful businesswomen as Danny Makay, the previous target, gets revenge of his own. Aside from the introduction of many new characters (some I hope to see in the third book), other differences include less sex, different locale, but much of the ritziness of the first remains as the Star’s resort caters to the rich and famous, much like the Butterfly club served a similar clientele. Side stories also include other revenge plots and wrongs and a mystery of a 1930’s starlet who was accused of murder and subsequently vanished.
One thing I like the most about this series is that the books cover both heroine’s pasts in detail. From childhood all the way to the present, all major events are covered. Nearly every aspect of the past relates to how things are in the present. There isn’t much that’s filler rather than relevant to the story.
Though this book was different in many other ways from the first, it didn’t lessen my interest in it at all. I thought it wrapped up many mysteries nicely though it doesn’t really give too much of a hint as to what will happen in book three.
4 out of 5.

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