The Truth About Forever – Sarah Dessen

The truth in this case is that I actually finished reading this on the weekend and just haven’t gotten around to posting it….
My thoughts on The Truth About Forever
It’s a story about a girl who watched her father die. It picks up about a year later when a summer brings about a lot of change and makes her see how unhappy she is with the way she’s been dealing with it. This is to say shat she was doing this by trying to be perfect. Having the right job for her college applications, no partying, hair always right, etc.
It was well done. The right balance between internal and external conflict. It also had a sweet way for her to get to know a new friend and, based on me working in a restaurant or two, a pretty realistic experience with a catering company. Plus an epic way of her quitting her original job at the library, though, I’ve also worked at a library and can honestly say that I haven’t come across any employees that acted like her coworkers. They’re very fantastic people.
Overall, I give it a 3 out of 5. For some reason it didn’t quite grab my attention as fully as others this author has written, like Just Listen

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